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A Collection of My Favorites

Color and Breeds
Find out about Champanges
Double Dilute
The Cremello and Perlino Education Site
Dun Genes
Great info on Duns
American Quarter Horse Offical Site
American Paint Horse Offical Site
Ranch and Farm
Snakewater Farms
Kanas Breeder of Champagne Quarter horses
Hidden Rock Ranch
Champagne and Cream Dilute Quarter Horse Breeder
Clearwater Ranch
Arazona Based Champagne Breeders
Redwood Coast Equine Center
Our Local Reproduction Specialist
Rising Moon Ranch
Colorful Quarter and Paint horse breeder
Informational Sites
Equi Repro
Very Informational Message Board
Traveling Horse
Great Website When Looking for a Hauler
UC Davis
UC Davis Color Gentics Testing
Home and Country
West Coast Tides
Tide Tables for the U.S.
Greatest Recipe Collection Online
California Lotto
Is it Your Lucky Day?
Infant Sign Language
Good Sign Language Site